The Gnostic Hermetic Adept Patroculus Codex Ring




Rings of Power, spiritual amulets, and talismans are created to attract or channel a certain form of energy to its bearer producing psycho-somatic changes within the lower principles of the microcosm triad, the body, mind and emotions. They activate the corresponding forces within the human psyche which; are materially represented by images, symbols, and characters. Man, the microcosm, reflects the Cosmic in its totality, thus whatever is evoked from the macrocosm causes a corresponding center within the microcosm to resonate, to be aroused and awakened. The reverse is also true. When in operation, a magical object links and forms a triangle of energies between the macrocosm, the microcosm, and itself as mediator.


Magical objects are constructed with a single-pointed purpose and intent while the magician's consciousness is under influenced of a magickal force. The potent expression of an undeviating will, attuned with one's divine counterpart, produces magickal effects, and in talismanic construction this is utilized to channel spiritual forces into a material base. 


The result is the vivification of a "dead object" with a spiritual life.


The sacrament of transforming wafer and wine into the body and blood of Christ (esoterically, the term "Christ" as used here does not to refer to Jesus--the man, but to a divine force) in Catholicism is a magickal act of talismanic construction.


When the rite is properly conducted, the consumption of the consecrated objects do release some of their virtues into the psyche. The problem here is whether the celebrant is able to maintain, nourish, and apply them constructively, while living a proper spiritual life.


Many of the magickal items on our site make use of the above principle-cleansings, rings of power, talismans, and amulets are consecrated with divine power that would infuse into the human consumer; these items come with the appropriate prayers and mantras. Certain forms of healing employ this principle. Water, for instance, might be charged with a divine force transmitting its healing properties to the patient that ingests it.


The manufacturing and consecration of talismans is a specialty of that branch of magick known as enchantment, and the maker as an enchanter. The enchanter specializes in enchanting objects with virtue. It is a science and art of the Magi whereby the will is given a symbolical and functional form so as to facilitate the sought for changes in the consciousness of the bearer of the talisman.


Talismans and objects of power may be made out of parchment, metals, skin, paper, oils, wood, water-in fact, anything at all; however, every substance has its own level of efficacy in holding the imbued force through charging or consecration. Metals hold forces well, and may last for ages. In contrast, the force bestowed upon water does not last long. Overcharging a talisman with forces that conflict may result in a cursed object. That is why our testing and measurement of our objects is so important.  On more than one occasion we have examined objects that our students have acquired and found that the object was cursed.  


Some talismans are designed to heighten the vibrations in an environment or to produce certain spiritual, subtle manifestations, as for instance, a barrier of light for protection against negative intrusions. These objects are called wards and are very effective in protecting against evil. Talismans are to be differentiated from amulets which are most often natural, rather than man-made objects with inherent occult virtues worn for their repelling nature, i.e. carried to ward-off an unwanted energy or condition; however, the emanations of some natural objects do have attractive powers and they are worn as lucky charms; these act as catalysts upon the human psyche raising its positive energy. Simply stated, some objects are magical by their very nature.  Deer skin, rabbits feet, amethyst, emeralds, and strong magnets to name a few.


Humans are a combination of two beings; the Divine Self and the human self. The Divine Self is creative and the mind facilitates that creativity; what it thinks and believes, empowered with strong feelings, manifests at some level of reality. Indirectly or directly, through suggestion or magnetic induction, amulets and talismans are able to influence in some way the persona of The Divine Self. The Divine Self acts through the physical, emotional and mental functions and expressions of man. From what has been implied above we should understand that faith and belief play an important role in the proper functioning of sacred objects, consecrated items, or any tangible occult-gifts of Nature. 


The stronger one's faith in one's own divine power, the greater the effect of the sacred object.


From the metaphysical point of view, amulets are less complex structures than talismans. In practical terms, however, talismans and amulets do sometimes share similar functions and purposes. Amulets may be used as a base or matrix for talismanic construction. For instance, tiger-skin is said to possess the virtues of charisma, courage, strength, etc. If we were to use tiger-skin as a base for inscribing mystical diagrams and empowering it with spiritual forces associated with these virtues, the inherent power would increase multifold. Any amulet as a natural object, intentionally charged with cosmic power may be considered to be a talisman. Talismans do not always carry material inscriptions or images, but they do hold an imbued power intentionally directed by the enchanter.


Rings of power are talismans, usually made from metal, that carry cosmic power.  Most of our rings of power carry one charge.  That charge is tested and measured with our equipment, and my clairvoyant vision, and given a Devi Scale Rating.  


Some of our items however carry more than one charge.  These items are truly advanced talismans of power.  Items that carry multiple charges have traditionally been charged over time by more than one owner or group.  The charges are designed to challenge and enhance the spiritual growth of the owner.  Each charge is generally associated with a specific ritual, invocation of a deity, or incantation.  


The Devi Energy Signature Scale


Rating: 14.3




We often travel specifically to acquire objects of power.  On those trips, I am specifically looking for objects that carry high power, great quality, and a lineage that needs to be carried on.  On those occasions, for a time, we may have an unusual number of highly rated items.  Those times are not common, but when they happen, they are worth the time and effort for both us and our customers.



Country of Origin:  In the area of what is now Prague, Czech Republic


Time of Origin: 15th century AD


Previous Owner Information: The Gnostic Hermetic Adept Codex Ring of Power is a singular item in our collection.  It was created for an Adept who made his transition over 500 years ago.  Codex Rings were rare and special items that transmitted knowledge safely from one practitioner to the next. During the Inquisition, knowledge of magic and the Occult was forbidden.  Adepts faced death on the rack or by the stake if knowledge of their Art became public. 


Over time, a system was developed that allowed great tracts of information to be passed from one Adept to another via a system called the Codex.  The Codex is a living breathing virtual system of information that is accessed via rings, amulets, spells, and words of power. Some Codexes contained specific types of information.  Some Codexes were designed as libraries with all the information that was/is known about all areas of magic. 


The Gnostic Hermetic Adept Patroculus created the initial Codex System.  He discovered the Art via a series of dreams that he experienced while imbibing a mixture of mead and poppy wine.  He shared his secrets with the members of his Order and soon, the Codex became the preferred Pathway for sharing information and accessing the Secrets of the Inner Path.  Patroculus was joined by eight other Adepts who added their own versions of the Codex to his.  These include:


The Codex Lexis

The Codex Parnisis

The Codex Inareisum

The Codex Parum Ostabar

The Codex D


Each of these systems allowed for advanced Initiates and Adepts to share information freely without fear of capture.  The appropriately tuned object or spell allowed the user to download vast sums of power and information into the subconscious mind.  The information could then be tapped as needed for work on the Inner Planes and Outer Worlds.  The main beauty of the system lay in the fact that the knowledge only reached the Outer Conscious mind as needed.  In this way, even under the threat of torture, Adepts could only give away a tiny portion of the system, consistent only with the portion that they had accessed consciously for use in the Outer Worlds.  The average Adept mainly used the Inner Plane pathways via the Codex.  The dangers of working real magic in the Outer Worlds was very apparent even in those days.


Patroculus was captured by the forces of Darkness that worked within the Inquisition when he was 38 years old.  As he was being transported to the prison which was to be his last refuge, he invoked a spell which transported him to the year 1835.  Legend states that he settled in London and became Head of the London Order.  Patroculus, as the creator of the Codex, was highly skilled at the creation of artifacts that had the capacity to connect to the Codex.  He created hundreds of these artifacts.  He supported himself handsomely through their sale.


I have collected a number of the Codex Artifacts created by Patroculus.  This ring is one of the finest of his creations.  This ring allows the user to access the Codex Lexis.  Through the use of special talismanic drawings, which are burned while the user wears the ring and recites the four opening spells, the ring acts as a key to access the Codex Lexis.


The Codex Lexis is one of the more easily accessible of all the main Codexes.  It contains vast amounts of information on the inner workings of real magick, walking on the inner planes, conversing with the gods, talismanic ritual, time spells, and teleportation mantrums. 

The ring is made of bronze and high quality onyx.  The aura depicts a series of focal points of power which are activated by the spells and talismanic sigils that come with the ring.  It is US size 8.


Powers inherent within the Ring:



Divine illumination, walking the inner planes while still in the physical body, the ability to talk with the Celestial Gods and Daimons, talismanic ritual access, time spells, and teleportation mantrums. 


Price: $4000